Extensive research in learning & training has conclusively proven that for training to greater effect, it has to become more experiential than didactic. The experts now call for learners to be given more opportunity to experience situation, problems & challenges. Then through well facilitated discussions about their experiences, learners can expand their portfolios of enlightened leadership practices. The argument is indisputable. People adopt new approaches more quickly if they are encouraged to revise their ideas about how to do things through intense and direct examination of what they have been doing.

We provide Outdoor Activities like

Team building


Time management


Risk Management

Confidence Building

And any customized programs required by the client.

Shristi brings Adventure Sports for corporate's looking for a refreshing break from the pressures of work-life. All Adventure Sports activities are conducted with heavy doses of fun, surprise and bonding.

Adventure Sports such as rappelling, rock-climbing, trekking, mountain biking, river crossing / Tyrolene traverse etc are a thrill of a lifetime and most participants will derive a sense of achievement and satisfaction from these rarely done physical activities.

(Note: Adventure / Team building exercises are subjected to the venue)

Further, the Shristi Adventure programs are designed to be a great medium for effective team building and soft-skills training apart from overall enjoyment.

Benefits of the programs:

Recreation, de-stressing and rejuvenation through natural outdoor presence

Informal setting with no hierarchies

Opportunity to build personal rapport with juniors/seniors

Inspires company loyalty and team-bonding

Teamwork to achieve a common goal/objective

Inculcates a spirit of backing each other up.

Skills improvement in:

Creativity (Out-of-the-box, under constraints)

Risk-taking, Initiative, Leadership

Personal Interaction, Communication and Rapport building

Cheerfulness/Optimism during tough challenges

Interdependence, Cohesiveness

Inculcates a spirit of backing each other up.

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