Shristi, a platform for creative thinking and self development was perceived with the idea of creating a medium for smoother thought flow, development of better inter personnel relations, team building etc. We offer Adventure/Activity support for 'Experiential Training Programs' with emphasis on self-motivation and self-learning approach.

Safety at Shristi

Facilitators are experienced / trained in many wilderness and adventure activities

Facilitators are qualified in First Aid, undergone course by Wilderness Medicine Institute, USA, a branch of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School, USA)

All the technical equipments used in the program are certified by "United International Alpine Association" – Switzerland, an international body to test and approve technical equipments

Balaji S R

Conquering rocks from the year 1994, and still in love with climbing, he is now encouraging beginners to take this sport.

Winning awards and accolades along the way, he has opened plenty of new routes in bouldering and sport climbing (eg. vanis wedding, delicate darling). He was selected as the national route setter in 2002 during the indo Swedish workshop on climbing. Coaching the Indian climbing team for various competitions, he has imparted his knowledge to youngsters with great enthusiasm.

He has undergone extensive trainng and certification in Wilderness First Responder from WMI (Wilderness Medicine Institute), NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)

From the year 1997 he has been an outdoor facilitator for experiential learning programmes. Gaining experience from over 800 programmes, he has been continually improving himself to give his best.

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